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I am not the original creator, as far as I know Hikimouto#8055 on discord originally made the mod but never updated it nor responded to my message so I've taken upon myself to update and overhaul this magnificent mod.

All variations feature this

Base mod (included in all variations) item colorization adds color to 4 categories of equipment as follows:

  • Blue : Small Arms (Rifle, Green Ash, light kinetic ammo ...)
  • Red : Heavy Weapons (Ignifist, Mounted MG...)
  • Orange : Heavy Ammunitions (120mm, 40mm, 250mm)
  • Yellow : Utility (Binos, Radios, Tripods, Sledgehammers...)
  • Green : Medical (First-aid kit, Bandages)
  • Default (White) : Raw/Refined resource and Misc. (Bmats, Components, GSupps...)

This modpack contains 5 variations of item category colorization:

  • Faction Specific Uniform color  / All Brown Uniform color :  Colonial uniforms are light green, Warden uniforms are lightish blue OR choose to have all uniforms to be brown

  • Tripod Tips / No Tripod Tips : On weapons that require tripods to be used you have the option to have a small tripod icon appear next to the weapon OR disable this option and have regular icons for tripod weapons.
  • WhiteSS : Only for the most popular variation, I've added a version where the Soldier Supplies are white.

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Updated 3 days ago
CategoryGame mod
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
TagsColorful, foxhole, Minimalist, pastel, Simple


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All Brown Uniforms - No Tripod Tips 1.0 4 MB
All Brown Uniforms - Tripod Tips 1.0 4 MB
Faction Specific Uniforms - No Tripod Tips 1.0 4 MB
Faction Specific Uniforms - Tripod Tips 1.0 4 MB
Faction Specific Uniforms - No Tripod Tips (White SS) 1.0 4 MB

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I love this mod, I introduced it to some other people and it really changes the game and unlike the other offerings, is the vanilla icons meaning it requires no re-learning to learn.

But a few of us have come up with a suggestion:
A titled version much like the other UI Labels mod.

I think it would help people learn if such a version existed (item name in upper left) and it'd be very easy to do. I would be willing to even do it with permission.

Thanks for keeping this alive, Windows!

Thanks a lot for the feedback.

Yeah that is actually a good idea. I'd be willing to do a collaboration for the labels. You can shoot me a message on discord (My discord ID is written on the mod page).